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How to Become an Affiliate for The Mood Factory

Sunday, November 07, 2017

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a supporter of The Mood Factory, and helping spread our mission of improving moods globally. We are grateful you are here!

We have a few ways to become an affiliate listed below. Please also sign up to receive our affiliate newsletter, where we send updates about the program. Feel free to also contact us directly with more questions on the specific programs at: affiliate at themoodfactory dot com.



This is for our 21 Days to Happiness course, sold as a stand-alone product. We plan to create and add courses as well, so it will include additional courses.

  1. We need to manually assign you as an affiliate. So please contact us with your name so that we can add you as an approved affiliate.
  2. You then send your paypal e-mail, as that is how you get paid as an affiliate.
  3. You can then access an affiliate page on your Thinkific account, where you will see your affiliate links.




In order to register, simply register to become an affiliate on our affiliate panel. You will then get an affiliate code, together with online banners, that you can use for the program. Our shopify site has all of our sensory engaging products, along with our 21 Days to Happiness course. The course is also sold directly on Thinkific.

  1. Login page: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-109546/affiliate.panel
  2. Registration page: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-109546/affiliate.panel?mode=register
  3. They will get an affiliate code together with the online banners that they can use for promotions.


Amazon Affiliate Program:


Our products are currently being added to Amazon, and we plan to have an affiliate program there as well so feel free to sign up now to get started as an Amazon Affiliate. Our affiliate newsletter will let you know when our products are in stock there, and you can start promoting.

Thanks so much for helping us improve moods!

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