Our Mission is Simple: To Improve Moods.

Our goal at The Mood Factory is to improve moods. One of the greatest barriers to our Happiness is being out of the present moment, and research suggests this averages almost 50% of the time for all of us. One of the easiest ways to get engaged in the present moment is through sensory engagement, so we empower you to take back your state through the sense of smell with our new scent line based on research on how scents impact moods.

We are also launching 21 Day courses that give you easy, practical, quick tips to get in your desired mood states throughout the day including Tranquility (for sleep), Happiness (for joy), Serenity (for anti-stress), and Energy (for focus / movement). We can’t wait to launch these courses, and get you to a more active, engaged, positive place.

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Reach out to us 1-866-353-MOOD (6663) or by email info@themoodfactory.com

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