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Join us on a 21 Days to Happiness journey!


How are we teaching Happiness?



The Mood Factory has partnered with celebrity psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo to develop 21 quick, easy methods for manifesting satisfaction & joy in our lives. The course gives quick daily 2-3 minute videos, with a daily practice or action to focus on each that takes you on a journey to greater engagement, joy, and well-being. We teach concepts including the hot tub syndrome, dropping perfectionism, staying in the yellow zone, getting present through sensory engagement, and more!



Sign-up for yourself, encourage your workplace to offer the course, or give the gift of Happiness to someone you love, to actively bring more happiness to your life today.




Payment and Confirmation Process:


1. Enter your name and the email address. You can also add special instructions upon checkout. You may use the email address where you want us to deliver daily emails for the 21 Days to Happiness Challenge.


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3. We will send you an email confirmation within 24 hrs. Once we have confirmed your payment, you shall receive an email introduction to begin the challenge.



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