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8 Success Strategies for the Serenity Challenge

Sunday, September 25, 2018

While we wanted to create an easy, affordable course, there are of course ways you can dive deeper into your serenity experience. The more intense your engagement, the more likely you are to have a significant impact on your daily levels of ease, calm and clarity. Do as much or little as you like, we are simply here to guide and share.

8 Strategies for Success in the 21 Days to Serenity Challenge:

  1. Name it! Announce that you are taking the challenge, and committing to your serenity! You don’t have to say you are stressed out to the max, as you don’t have to be to take the course. We all need to practice these habits, no matter where we are on the serenity scale. Making it public simply makes us more accountable and shows our efforts are real.
  2. Consider doing it with a friend, as if we have a partner in it with us, we are more likely to achieve our goals. Not only that, it is fun and builds stronger bonds. Create your own Whatsapp group or Text Team, and share the messages, images, and thoughts daily.
  3. Join our Facebook group and get active in it. We can’t improve serenity unless we connect with others and practice the habits of serenity daily. Consider it a way to give back to others, as you never know how you might inspire someone else. Share your strategies, successes, and challenges. Click here  to request access.
  4. Do you have a stressful person in your life that is interfering with your own serenity? Consider this the Ultimate 21 Days to Serenity Challenge. Get them signed-up for the course, and engage with them. See if you can make your serenity rub off on them, as opposed to the other way around!
  5. Consider this: We are motivated by rewards. Take another few minutes (even 10!) and think about how great you will feel with ease, calm and clarity in life. Really FEEL IT. And congratulate yourself with the intention to improve it. Now think about how you might reward yourself above and beyond achieving greater serenity. Is there something you can give yourself when you finish the course? A treat? Consider rewarding yourself in a way that inspires you.
  6. On the flip side of that, we also get inspired by ‘punishments’. While we aren’t a big fan of this motivation, it really works for some people! So consider doing something like donating $5, $10, $25, or $100 for every lesson you miss to your favorite (or least favorite) charity. The amount and place is up to you, the idea is it needs to hurt a little. Again, there is not a one size fits all method for this, so do what feels right to you. (Of course, feel free to consider giving to Hopeful Minds! 😊
  7. Write, write, and write some more! Practicing the daily habit of gratitude, and journaling about it, really helps embed the habit in your emotional center. We have made it easy for you by creating a Serenity Journal you can print from your computer. Take notes throughout the course. Write down your serenity score, make notes about how practicing the skills impact your relationships, and document any specific learnings or valuable insights along the way.
  8. And lastly, consider making a vision board for what a Serene Life would look like to you. Get some of your favorite magazines (or print photos from the computer, can be of yourself, family, pets, places, things, etc.). And focus not on the ‘what’, but on the ‘what they make you ‘eel’. Then cut them out and put them on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, or get a big poster board and make a fun day of it. Or pin them on a corkboard. Do what works and feels right to you. And then when you need a boost, look at that board or image and remember why you are practicing your daily habits.


Have a tip of your own? Please share with us, so we can share with others! Our moods are improved when we work together.


I do hope this helps make your Serenity Challenge more successful! Learning to be in the present, and enjoying it, has been a journey for me and I would not have made such a major shift in my life without the best mentors and my insatiable desire to read and learn. I’m excited you are taking the journey, hope you gain value from what I have learned and Dr. Lombardo teaches, and wish you a serene, stress-free road ahead.

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