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A New Kind of Sensory Adventure Begins on 4.20, Join Us.

Sunday, April 20, 2020

Staying Hopeful and Practicing Happiness is Crucial for Our Collective Mental Health. Let’s All Practice Together.

I’m excited to share on 4.20.2020, we are kicking off a new kind of journey that we hope you consider joining; a multi-sensory engagement 21-day trip full of presence, health, hope, and happiness. An evidence-based adventure, free of all substances, with strategies on how to live happier, healthier, better connected, more hopeful, less stressed and fully engaged lives.

Here are the details:

Oprah and Deepak launched a 21 Days to Hope Meditation. Meditation is a key ingredient for eradicating impulsivity and negative thinking, and creating a ‘pause’ before action. It is also best when practiced together, so to encourage this, I’ll be live streaming on iFred’s Facebook page daily at 7:30 am, to talk on the Science and my Story of Hope. I’ll start on 4.20 with meditation one at 7 am, reflect, then get online to discuss with all of you. I LOVE to meditate, and have for years. You can follow our iFred page, or sign-up for the remote ‘event’ so you get reminded when we go live on our page every day. You need to sign-up independently for their free meditation at Hope Goes Global, and then join me live if so inspired. I’m super excited to do this!


As Happiness is key to hope, and hope is key to Happiness, I’m also offering our 21 Days to Happiness course again. It is $25, yet free to those that don’t currently have funds and want to participate (use code happinessisfree). The course is based on the science of neuroplasticity, that we CAN rewire our brain by practicing skills, and happiness is best when practiced together. I will be doing a Facebook Live daily at 8:00 am PST on Happiness, right after the Hope meditation. What better way to get the brain prepared for our lessons! If you have already taken the course, feel free to repeat it and engage in the group, as happiness is a skill that must be practiced and is best integrated when taught to others (so yes, you can help teach!)


I’m also doing workplace talks on strategies for increasing hope and happiness in the workplace, as well as customizing content for companies. It is so important we give employees tools during this time to stay positive and productive, so if I can help your organization in any way please do reach out. I also welcome you to invite your colleagues, friends, and families to the options above.

In case you want to read a few articles on the science of hope and happiness, you can see a few of my recent articles here:



I would love for you, and your networks to join us on this sensory adventure. I left my addictions behind long ago, and find joy in teaching others the skillful art of extreme presence, hope, and happiness. I’ve been given the gift of access to the best experts in the world along the way, and I love to share all I have learned and how I have applied it to my life, with you. My intention is to positively impact yours, so you can impact others. Please do let me know if I can support you in any way, and feel free to spread the message.

Lots of love!


Chief Mood Officer, The Mood Factory

Founder, iFred

Author, The Biggest Little Book About Hope

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