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Establish a Wind-Down Routine

Sunday, October 02, 2017
Here’s a secret that parents know: Kids fall asleep better with a solid nighttime routine. So if a regular pre-bed practice is good for babies, toddlers, and really, children of any age, it’s pretty clear that it’s likely a good idea for adults to institute a transition to bedtime as well. For a solid night’s sleep, and better performance the next day, set up a nighttime routine, just as you would your morning routine. Here are tips for helpful nighttime habits.

Look Back & Plan Ahead
Before you head to the bedroom, take time to reflect on your day. What were the big hits, and hopefully smaller misses? Let stressors go, and think ahead to tomorrow: what would you like to accomplish? Set goals, or make your to do list. This planning ahead will help you have a strong, positive day tomorrow.

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Set a Wind-Down Alarm
You set an alarm in the morning to give you the cue to start your morning routine off; why not do the same at bedtime? Consider having an evening alarm: when it goes off, it’ll be your signal to start your wind-down routine. This will help, too, with ensuring that you go to bed at close to the same time each night, which is helpful for getting a good night’s rest.

Remove the Screens
Turn off the computer. Shut down the television. Turn phones and tablets off. Studies have found that the brightness of these screens suppresses melatonin production, which is essential for restful sleep.
Set a Sleepy Scene
What’s your bedtime routine? Maybe it involves a relaxing bath (consider using Mood-crystals in serenity or tranquility to up the relaxation factor), smoothing on some lotion (try Mood’s rich, moisturizing Mood-butters or Mood-oils), or donning cozy pajamas. You can use aromatherapy to ensure a calm, serene mood prior to lights out, with Mood-essences: just dab some on pulse points.

Then turn the lights out, and bring on the darkness: try using blackout curtains to ensure that no lights get in. You may also want to remove electronic clocks; for insomniacs, the bright red light indicating passing time can be less than helpful.

Tell us how you get geared up to wind down each night. Share your sleepy-time tips on social media.

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