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How to Thrive with Sensory Engagement

Sunday, October 09, 2017

It seems simple. Engage your senses, get present. Yet to this day it is a practice for me, even after running a company, launching a scent line, and managing a nonprofit.

You see, according to research we are out of the present moment about 50% of the time. And usually not in a good way. We are either worrying about the future or ruminating on the past.
Can you relate? Do you stress about bills? Think about a conversation you had that you wish you had handled differently? Over and over and over and over again? Yet how is that useful? It isn’t.

That has been the story of my life, but to the extreme due to a lot of other challenges. And I committed to myself that I would do anything and everything to get out of those exhausting mental habits, and get present.

The good news is we are making sensory engagement easy by researching how scents impact moods and launching products based on that research. We’ve got some of the top experts in the world on aromatherapy, scents, psychology, and happiness, and have partnered with an incredible manufacturer to bring this product to life.

There is plenty of research supporting scents reduce anxiety, help with sleep, and increase focus. The key is to use them, intentionally, when you find your mind wandering or taking you to a bad place. Or when you want to escape your anxious mind and act out through bad habits like overeating, smoking, binge drinking, or gambling. While it may feel OK in the present, in the long-term it destroys our happiness and well-being.

What if, we could start replacing all these negative addictive patterns with truly enjoyable, positive, satisfying benefits? What if meditation, sensory engagement, kindness, and gratitude all felt better than binge eating, smoking, spending ridiculous money on ‘stuff’, and all the other things we do to distract us from what is. Imagine the world we would live in.
That’s my goal, and one I’m committed to as Chief Mood Officer at The Mood Factory. I’m starting first with myself and sharing what I am learning along the way. I’ve never been a fan of essential oils, as the scents felt too strong for me, and I don’t like to breathe the chemicals of synthetics, so our team created some pretty incredible scents that create new and unique essential oil blended aromas that intoxicatingly (in a good way) bring you present. They are truly delightful.

We have started a campaign on IndieGogo to kick it off. I hope you check it out, and join us on the journey to Happiness and Wholeness and Presence.



Ps. October 10th is Global Mental Health Day and I’ll be in Geneva, Switzerland at the World Health Organization with my nonprofit iFred talking about Hopeful Minds, a new curriculum that teaches hope based on research it is a teachable skill. The Mood Factory supported the nonprofit iFred by planting the seeds to take an evidence-based Hope curriculum global as we believe prevention is key to happiness and mental wellbeing and Coloring Lives is at the root of all we do. 10% of what we raise on IndieGogo supports this new program.

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