Our Mission is Simple: To Improve Moods.

Our goal at The Mood Factory is to improve moods, and our products and courses focus on doing this through getting us present with sensory engagement.  One of the greatest barriers to our Happiness is being out of the present moment, and research suggests this averages almost 50% of the time for all of us. We need to change this.

Our product line, Mood-scents, are based on research on how scents impact moods. Our formulations are based on our white paper, expert advisors, and extensive research, and supporting the mood states of Tranquility, Serenity, Happiness, and Energy. We want all to sleep better, be less stressed, more joyful, and with greater drive and focus. Each of these essential oil blends are then infused into consumer products, like bath bombs, scent sticks, massage oils, shower steamers, and body butters.

Additionally, we have courses co-developed with experts in their fields. Our 21 Days to Happiness, created by the insightful Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, teaches quiz and easy methods for bringing more joy, laughter, and positivity to life. Happiness is not sustained unless we practice positive habits daily.

At the core of our mission is making lives better for those that need an extra little mood boost. To date, through our coloring lives program, our donations exceed $1 million dollars to charities relating to mental health. We plan to continue and grow this initiative, as we believe brain health is critical to health, and a basic human right.

We hope you join us in our journey to improve moods and color lives globally.

Reach out to us 1-866-353-MOOD (6663) or by email info@themoodfactory.com

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